Wednesday, May 27, 2009

SchemaSpy for NAnt

Earlier this year, I talked about a couple of tools to help automate pieces of the development process in some fashion.  One such tool was SchemaSpy, a Java-based database documentation tool.  SchemaSpy is a tool that I love working with; however, always was annoyed of using it in a manual method.  I streamlined this a little bit using a batch script but it still didn't feel quite right when I hooked it up to my automated deployments.  So, I did what any process driven developer would do; I made it work more naturally into NAnt.

I started a custom NAnt task for SchemaSpy.  Given the complexity of using SchemaSpy to begin with, I decided to not seek to have it added to the NAnt contrib or similar libraries around the web.  However, even though I wanted it separate, I did decide to open source it.  So, I create a CodePlex project to host my NAnt task for SchemaSpy.  In it's current version, it only has the bare minimum of options that I have required; however, I am hoping to continue working on it until it's feature complete.  If you are looking for a great way to document your databases in associated with your automated builds with NAnt, take a look at it since it hopefully will provide you options for what you need.

I'm always open for feedback and recommendations on the task.  Hopefully I'll be posting the next release with in the week.

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