Thursday, November 12, 2009

Working with the Managed Extensibility Framework (TOC)

This post is simply a table of contents for posts that I'm creating to help others learn about the Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF).  As new posts get published, I'll be updating the links to this page.  In addition, as I work more with MEF, I'll be adding more entries to this series to hopefully cover a wide range of scenarios while using such.

  1. An Introduction to MEF
  2. A Deeper Look at MEF's Imports and Exports
  3. LINQing to MEF Imports
  4. Playing Nice with Other Assemblies using MEF Catalogs
  5. Looking Around at Circular References in MEF
  6. Managing Composition Through Lazy Loading Parts
  7. Using MEF and Custom Configuration Sections
  8. A Configurable Type Catalog for MEF
  9. Making Part Declarations Easier with InheritedExports
  10. Hiding Parts From InheritedExport
  11. Using MEF with Signed Part Assemblies


  1. Hi, Just want to say thanks for this blog series, probably one of the best MEF introductions I have found. Great work.

    Colin E.

  2. Thanks ,This is a great tutorial for MEF

  3. Hello, just wanna say a big Thanks for this wonderful tutorial!

  4. I searched for some good introduction in MEF with hands-on samples. I found that this is one of the best. Thank you.