Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Presentation: Extending Your Applications With MEF

Last night I did a presentation to the Kansas City .Net User Group on the topic of using the Managed Extensibility Framework. The demos were simple and progressive and the slides were, hopefully, informative. While I'm going to be taking a lot of the feedback in order to refine/redo the presentation into something better overall, I wanted to post the demo projects and slides here so people can access them if they so desired.

Demo Project Listing:
  • Demo 1: On the Fly MEF Implementation of just Import and Export attributes
  • Demo 2: Using MEF's attributes at the class level and using labels and declarative type mappings.
  • Demo 3: Using the Type Catalog
  • Demo 4: Using the Directory Catalog
  • Demo 5: Using the Aggregate Catalog
  • Demo 6: Using untyped Metadata
  • Demo 7: Using Strongly Typed Metadata
  • Demo 8: Creating a Custom Export Attribute that contains the Metadata as well.

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