Wednesday, August 20, 2008

IE7: Vista vs. XP

At the end of my post last week when I began a series on learning jQuery, I mentioned that I might have found a bug.  This bug involved columns at the bottom of last weeks demo to be rendered differently when I viewed the same code on my Windows XP computer and my Windows Vista computer.  At the time of the post, the images that you saw in last weeks post, were taken from my Windows XP computer and they looked fine in the browsers that I test in (IE7, IE8 beta 1, Opera, Firefox, and Safari).  When I looked at the code on my Vista box, the columns had a line break after each one even with the CSS property of display:inline-block; and float:left;.  

Since that post, I couldn't reproduce the problem so it probably was user error (it happens).  However, while I was researching this "bug" since it annoyed and mildly terrified me (I  didn't want to have to consider testing my web pages with IE7 on 2 different versions of Windows), I ran this Google search and it didn't help things.

Based on the search, it would appear that while my "bug" wasn't directly mentioned, the search did show that there appeared to be some differences in how IE7 renders pages and interprets JavaScript on XP and Vista.  I haven't ran into it prior to this.  While my bug is now non-reproducible, the knowledge that there may be a different was well worth my mistake.

So, has anyone heard or seen this issue?  I'd love to hear what everyone's experiences are.

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  1. Yes I am experiencing it and it is frustrating as hell. I have not come across a solution yet. I'm scouring the web for it. I have a lot of block elements in the site I am working on and perhaps this could be the issue.